There’s nothing more comforting than to lay my head on your chest and hear the steady pounding of your heart. Watching you go into depth with your music. Hearing your lazy laugh over the phone late at night. The way you look at me after we kiss. The way you brush my hair away from my face. The way you look when you sleep so peacefully. When your eyes light up while talking to me about something you are passionate about. Your goofy antics that match mine so perfectly. I could go on talking about the ways I love you and everything you do. Now I know … when someone asks me “where’s home?” and all I could think about is you. That it is love. And I could never love any living thing more than that.

I’m so sorry .

The power he already holds is scaring the shit out of me.

  -  26 July
"You are the porch light,
always on, always telling
me I can come home."

Softly Perfect


I crave your hands
softly on my ribcage
in early morning perfection.
Let your body wake me

with the perfect curve of
creation on my waist
and between my thighs.
Disappear slowly to me

erase every wrinkle
of time, of worry
with your hands
or with your lips.

I am yours fully,
buried deep in your soul,
burrowed between the
web of your ribs,

living in the space
of your lungs;
I breathe you in.
You are mine fully

And I am yours.